Living it up in Wales!

Yep, this week I’m spending a week away in West Wales. Wales is not a country known for its good weather, and like most of the U.K. it has a reputation for being rather wet. This week though, in a change to the advertised programme, we’re experiencing heat and sunshine and it feels as if we’ve won the jackpot! As if that wasn’t enough yesterday we spent the day at sea and we were lucky enough to see some of the many dolphins who frequent the local waters, magical doesn’t even come close! I’m so thankful that travel is once again back on the agenda.

Although this trip is purely a ‘break’ when you are surrounded by myths, legends, and outstanding beauty it would be rude not to put pen to paper, or in the very least think about writing right? I’m pleased to say that the direction of my latest novel has finally shown itself and I have a clear (ish) idea of how it will end. It seems all that was needed was some long walks, a boat, and lots and lots of dolphins!