Here you lovely people you will find reviews of books I have read recently. I will also share these on Amazon & Goodreads. As an author I know how elusive and frustrating garnering book reviews can be. My reviews are exactly that – mine. They are not beholden to any person or company. They’re my honest opinion, as a reader. If I do not feel able to give a minimum ‘3 book’ score then I will not review. I shall contact the author and explain why. OK, that said, herewith the score system I shall be using… 

bookbookbook – It was OK, not great but not bad either.

bookbookbookbook – I enjoyed this book. It ticked most of my boxes. It was well written and well edited. A good plot and strong protagonist. Would recommend.

bookbookbookbookbook – Amazing! A book that kept me engaged and entertained. Loved it!

If you would like me to review your book please use the contact form below. I do not review erotica.




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