Simple Gal, Simple Goals…

It’s hard to believe that Soaring has been out for over four months now, huge thanks once again to all of those who attended my book launch. It was so special to share that time with family and friends and to see readers discussing books over a glass of wine or two. More reviews however are needed, and when you’re up against the big publishing houses with their huge budgets and ready to go networks it does feel a little like David vs Goliath trying to get heard. My goal is to try and reach 20 reviews before the end of the year. A small goal that will make a big difference. If like me you like rooting for the small guy here’s a few ways in which you could really help out:

  • If you haven’t already write a review and post to Amazon & GoodReads
  • Once read (& obviously if you enjoyed it) share share share – with friends, with family, in a blog post, on social media, in the pub! The more you share the more people will discover my book.
  • Ask your local bookstore to stock a few copies – Soaring is available for all Bookstores to order but they won’t stock it unless people ask for it as space is at a premium and taken up by the big publishing houses.
  • Soaring makes a perfect gift – why not gift a copy?
  • Order direct from the publisher Chapeltown Books – a small independent publishing house

Thanks as always for all of your support. It’s really appreciated 🙂

Until next time…