Early Bird or Night Owl?

I have been musing recently about optimising the time I spend writing – or, to be more accurate, the time I spend thinking about writing!

My writing seems to follow a seasonal pattern. In the spring and summer months I write more effectively in the early mornings. During the autumn and winter that drive for early morning words is reversed. The dark evenings beckon and I sit and commune until the wee hours. Is this true of other writers I wondered.Does seasonality play a role?

Taking that thought further, I wondered if seasons not only direct when I write, but what I write. I can’t say as I’ve delved into this too deeply, but I’m sure it’s one of those interesting facts someone somewhere must know!

Moving sideways, I was curious to discover whether I adopted a ‘default’ season in my writing. A quick bit of analysis said not. It appears I write across all seasons. My current season of choice is winter. During Forbidden Colours it was most definitely Autumn. So, does any of this matter? No, not unless you are me! I am sadly time poor. I needed to know when I worked best, and if any of it had become habitual. It is of course habitual by the fact that I try to write each day, but, thankfully, what I write is still as free and unpredictable as it’s always been.

The #5amwritersclub is where it’s all happening right now and I busy with another edit on my historical fiction novel. It has become like an old friend and I look forward to moving it forward each day, even if it’s only a few words. As they say ‘every little helps’.

Life in the Fitton house is as chaotic as usual. It is exam season, conference season and time to sort the garden out season!

Do you have a preferred time of day to write or a ‘go to’ season? Do let me know.

If you’re not a writer, do you find seasonality plays a part in what you do? Pop a comment below… until next time adieu.

Photo: Cliff Johnson at Unsplash