Comfort, Confidence & Creativity…

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of holding a short story workshop as part of the South Hams Literary Festival. Some writers hold workshops all the time but that’s not me, I am very much a reluctant spotlight kind of person. I’m much happier skulking around in the background. A few days beforehand I wondered what on earth had possessed me to propose the idea and a few sleepless nights followed. That little monster that sits on my shoulder and every now and then tells me how rubbish I am was back. But there was no way I was letting him win. Anyway It was too late to back out and the only way to go was forward. The workshop was a huge success and it was an absolute delight to see my students really transform and come alive as we tackled the tasks I’d set together. Their levels of creativity were amazing and they left that afternoon with their minds whirring and their confidence topped up.

Holding that workshop taught me a very important lesson. Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone was better than OK – it was fabulous. My advice? If you’re ever asked to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone don’t listen to your internal self talk just get on and do it, whether it’s signing up to run a marathon or making a presentation. Embrace the discomfort and feelings of being out of your depth because that you lovely people is where sometimes you’ll find the magic.

Me enjoying myself at the literary festival!