A Year of Possibilities

As you can see – I’m not much of a blogger! I find there is always too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Things get bumped and bumped and then they get forgotten. That kind of sums up my relationship with blogging. I used to be a bit like that with my writing too but thankfully I’ve tamed that tiger – I used to call that procrastination!

2023 is looking full of possibilities and I’m hopeful that the labour of love that’s been my short story collection will shortly be hitting the shelves of bookstores far and wide – more on that to follow over the coming weeks.

So, what exactly have I been doing since my last blog post back in November? In no particular order… working the day job, enjoying being Amma, walking the dog, writing and writing some more, big birthdays, bursting with pride at how well my kids have grown and enjoying getting to know the men they have become / are becoming, seeing old friends and realising that even after 30 years we hadn’t changed much at all, figuring out how to work the new mop – trust me it’s harder than it sounds!

Since the start of 2023 my biggest efforts outside of the writing arena have gone into organising bucket list adventures. If Covid has reminded me of anything it’s that our time here is short – we need to make it count! So until the next time my friends carpe diem!