Break a Leg…

I’ve written this post in the 5 minutes or so I am allowed to keep my leg in what’s considered a normal position. It’s fair to say that February has so far been anything but normal. Let me explain, we have a feral cat who likes to pop it’s ginger head into our garden about tea time looking for tasty snacks. Of course, there are always tasty snacks to be found left by yours truly. Last Saturday was particularly rainy and grim and with my garden shoes on and cat food in hand I went to leave said tasty snacks at the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately I never made it that far, and with about as much grace as a baby elephant I slipped on a very muddy section of grass. I wished it had been more poetic, but it wasn’t. However for comedy value it was exceptional! A quick dash to A&E ,and a few hours later I am now the proud owner of a broken fibular and dislocated ankle! Why thank you very much 🙂

This week has been a steep learning curve. I have had to negotiate crutches, elevate my leg for what feels like forever, and avoid searching for ‘broken ankle recovery time’ on the internet! I am due an operation over the coming days and then the long road to recovery begins.

Looking on the bright side here’s three positive things that I have learnt this week:

  • My upper body strength is improving
  • You can indeed write whilst staring up at the ceiling
  • The power of a small bell is vastly underrated!

I’ll keep you posted on my one legged adventures…

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